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Frank Reich: 'We Believe in What We're Doing'

Indianapolis Colts head coach Frank Reich isn't ready to hit the panic button after a winless start to the season.
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The Indianapolis Colts didn't expect to be winless after two games against divisional foes Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars. 

The 24-0 loss against the Jaguars was especially eye opening with the offensive line having a performance to forget.

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Colts head coach Frank Reich was asked specifically about the offensive line on Wednesday, and he was willing to spread the blame to protect that unit, perhaps more effectively than they protected quarterback Matt Ryan last week.

"I thought in Week 1, I thought the offensive line played well," said Reich to reporters on Wednesday. "There were a couple issues, but if you look at the whole-90 plays, I'd say it was a good game by the offensive line."

"Obviously in the last game, it wasn't good up front, but it wasn't good anywhere on offense."

"I think that's more of a collective thing."

While the Colts offense has been disappointing through two games, Reich isn't ready to hit the panic button.

"I think our mode is each one of us, the discussion has been 'hey, we've gotta keep doing what we're doing. We're two weeks into it. We believe in what we're doing. We believe in who we're doing it with. So we've each got to look within and find ways to get better.' That collective effort to do that you find in this league."

"This is what we've experienced; this is what we believe. This is what we will stay on... that we will get better and turn things around."

While Reich was unwilling to single out the offensive line as poor against the Jaguars, he admits if that unit struggles, the offense will struggle.

"The philosophy (general manager) Chris (Ballard) and I have talked about, is it starts up front on both sides of the ball," said Reich.

"We believe that. We're not backing away from that at all. You've got to have the whole package. You've got to be able to do everything, but it starts up front."

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"You've got to be able to protect the quarterback. You've got to be able to run the ball at some level."

"Same thing on the other side of the ball. You've got to be able to stop the run, and you've got to be able to put pressure on the passer with a four-man rush."

After failing to win on the road against perceived-weaker opponents, the Colts will have to play significantly better on Sunday against the 2-0 Kansas City Chiefs if they want to get into the win column.