Cowboys Trade Bait: Jaylon or Vander Esch?

After an influx of talent through the draft and free agency, is there room for both Smith and Vander Esch? If not, which one should go? – The Cowboys Blitzcast Podcast
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FRISCO - Both have a history of injury. Both have a recent history of spotty play. Are Jaylon Smith and Leighton Vander Esch the same player? No, but if it becomes trade time, how can they be separated, ranked and judged?

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They’re clearly not the same guy, but is there room for both of them on the Dallas Cowboys roster in 2021? 

If so, where and when will they play? If not, which one should go? 

To be fair, Fish has reported here consistently that rumors aside, Dallas has no plans to give up on either guy. Meanwhile, he's also reported that despite the presence of top rookie Micah Parsons, Jaylon and Leighton still did plenty of first-team work in offseason OTAs and minicamp.

Still ...

One (Vander Esch) is in a contract year, and one (Smith) technically has an available escape hatch, contractually, after 2021. If new players step up at the linebacker position, maybe both will be gone after this season.

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So if you’re going to lose one or both, why not attempt a trade this season so you can get something in return? 

Colby Sapp and Timm Hamm discuss!

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