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Van Noy: No Hard Feelings

Veteran linebacker Kyle Van Noy said he enjoyed his brief time with the Miami Dolphins

Kyle Van Noy says he has no issues with the Miami Dolphins.

The veteran linebacker went so far as to say he enjoyed his time in Miami, which came to an abrupt and surprising end when the Dolphins released him in early March, a move that became official eight days later.

Van Noy attracted a lot of attention this week during a media session with New England media members when he was asked how different Brian Flores was as an assistant coach with the Patriots compared to how he was as a head coach in Miami and he replied: "Yeah, no comment."

Making his latest appearance on the Pat McAfee Show on Friday, Van Noy clarified his position.

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"It's funny, I'm damned either way," Van Noy said. "I'm damned if I give him praise; I look disingenuous. I'm damned if I say negative things; I look like a salty you know what. And I just figured no comment was the best situation for that because now you can run it however you want."

Van Noy later said he was taken by surprise when he got the phone call telling him he was being released and says he has no idea why the Dolphins decided to release him one year after he signed a four-year, $51 million contract, particularly given the fact his stats in 2020 were very similar to what he had produced the previous year in New England.

He joked that if somebody found out the reason, he'd love to know.

"I know a lot of people were kind of wondering what the hell is going on like (a) he-said, she-said type of deal and I really have no hard feelings," Van Noy said. "I love Miami, as you know. I love the Miami fans. I love everything about them. They were really receptive towards me for a year, and I'll forever be grateful for them; they were really really nice to me, and I appreciate it."