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WATCH: Mentalist Sees Falcons Super Bowl in Future

The Atlanta Falcons grabbed their first win of the season on Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks, but can they go further? One person with ties to the future says the Super Bowl LVII is the destination.

The Atlanta Falcons have their first win under their belt after beating the Seattle Seahawks on the road Sunday ... but are we ready to call them Super Bowl contenders?

Most people would pump the brakes and say no, but one person who believes he can predict the future thinks the Falcons will find themselves as the NFC representative for Super Bowl LVII in Arizona next February.

Mentalist Oz Pearlman, who gained fame while appearing on NBC's America's Got Talent in 2015 visited the Baltimore Ravens facility earlier this week and performed for the team.

Here's the clip from ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown ...

Pearlman asks offensive tackle Ja'Wuan James to name a team in the NFC.

"Atlanta Falcons," James said.

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The rest was left in an envelope for quarterback Lamar Jackson to open.

Jackson and the Ravens predicted that Baltimore would beat Atlanta 35-14, and granted, that was the prediction Pearlman had in his sealed envelope.

While it seems like an absolute improbability that the Falcons make the Super Bowl and a strong unlikelihood that the team will even make the playoffs, it's good that there is some good juju out there that believes in Atlanta.

But if the Falcons continue to improve and play the way they did yesterday, they will have a chance to fortify this prediction throughout the season.

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