This New York Jets Wide Receiver Viewed as Potential Cut Candidate

A New York Jets wide receiver with Aaron Rodgers ties is viewed as a potential cut candidate.
Florham Park, NJ May 31, 2023 -- Aaron Rodgers and Allen Lazard during the Jets OTA
Florham Park, NJ May 31, 2023 -- Aaron Rodgers and Allen Lazard during the Jets OTA / Chris Pedota, / USA
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The New York Jets made multiple moves this offseason to better their offense, a need after struggling on that end of the football last year.

While much of the struggles from 2023 were due to Aaron Rodgers being injured and Zach Wilson not being good enough to run an offense, the Jets had other issues.

Douglas went out and landed Mike Williams, Malachi Corley, and more during the offseason through the draft and free agency. The wide receiver room isn't necessarily deep, or overly talented, but it's much better than it was last year.

Looking at potential cut candidates, David Kenyon of Bleacher Report put together one player from each team who could still be released.

When it came to who New York might cut, Kenyon listed Allen Lazard.

However, he questions if Lazard would be cut due to his contract and relationship with Rodgers, but alluded to his tough season last year as to why he could be out of a roster spot.

"Between the influence Aaron Rodgers wields and negligible financial savings, I would not consider Allen Lazard a likely cut. Besides, maybe a healthy season from Rodgers will spark his former Green Bay Packers teammate. Lazard, nevertheless, had a ghastly 23 catches last year and might only be the Jets' fourth receiver in 2024."

Lazard had the worst season of his career for the Jets in 2023, posting just 311 yards. The year prior, he had 788 yards and six touchdowns. That came after he posted 500-plus yards and eight touchdowns.

With Rodgers throwing him the football this season, if his health allows, the 28-year-old should be better than he was a year ago. At the very least, Lazard won't have to do as much as he needed to do last season, arguably being the WR4 in this offense.

If he can get back to what he was, New York's unit will be one of the better in football, a major difference from last year.

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