Are These Free Agency Deals a Sign That Nobody Wants to Trade For Sam Darnold?

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Ryan Fitzpatrick to the Washington Football Team.

Andy Dalton to the Chicago Bears.

Tyrod Taylor to the Houston Texans. 

Each of those three teams made sense to be in the market for Jets quarterback Sam Darnold this offseason. Instead, all three have signed a QB in free agency over the last few days.

Sure, Taylor and Dalton could very well end up as backup quarterback in 2021 (and Fitzpatrick as well, as we saw in Miami for some time last season). For these teams to spend money at the quarterback position—when they have other needs to address this offseason—it could be a sign that they're not interested in Darnold after all.


This comment from ESPN's Dianna Russini is also pretty telling.

Russini reported on Tuesday that she spoke to a source in Washington about the possibility of a trade for Darnold. She was told, from Washington's perspective, "don't waste your time."

That could mean a couple different things. Maybe the Jets are not planning on trading Darnold, so this source from Washington was referring to wasting time in negotiating when it's a lost cause. 

It's possible the Jets have changed their stance on dealing Darnold this offseason or the "check back with us soon" responses are getting old for other franchises.

Russini's source could also be referencing Darnold's struggles in the NFL through his first three seasons and that acquiring him would be a waste of time for the franchise. 

Either way, several teams (almost a third of the league to be exact) have reached out to the Jets about Darnold's availability. Those clubs are calling with varying levels of interest, but it certainly seemed like there were plenty of potential suitors out there. 

These three teams going out and signing a different quarterback could be completely unrelated. Regardless, it's certainly worth noting. 


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