Lions' Week 12 Tuesday Injury Report: Swift Limited, Golladay Out

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The Detroit Lions continue to be an injured group, and the schedule does them no favors this week. 

Detroit's initial injury report that was released on Monday featured 16 members of the roster.

In its preparation for the Houston Texans, the team participated in a walkthrough on Tuesday.

On Monday, Lions head coach Matt Patricia was asked about having to deal with veteran defensive lineman J.J. Watt this week.

"He is (good). He’s outstanding. I mean, you can put him anywhere. I think one of the things for J.J. that’s always been impressive for me, is that he can play inside and outside in the pass rush and just be that disruptive," Patricia said. "I think from that standpoint, I think as a defensive coordinator, it’s fun to have those guys that you can move around and put in those different matchups. Sometimes, you’ll like to put them in a particular matchup inside, based on the personnel that you’re going against or whether it’s a quarterback that you’re seeing something, that you want to kind of pressure. But, certainly, a guy as versatile as him, as good as he’s been for as long as he’s been consistently with that sort of ability, it’s amazing to watch.”

Detroit Lions' Tuesday Estimated Injury Report

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