Report: Trade Talks Underway to Deal Matthew Stafford

John Maakaron

According to an early Thursday morning report from WDIV Local 4 News, the Lions have been discussing trading franchise quarterback Matthew Stafford for the last couple of weeks.

"Sources close to Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions have confirmed to Local 4′s Bernie Smilovitz that trade talks concerning the quarterback have been underway for a couple of weeks."

In recent weeks, more and more speculation has surfaced indicating Detroit may be willing to move on from Stafford after 11 seasons. 

Holding the No. 3 overall pick in this year's draft positions Detroit to be able to select a quarterback if it decided to move on from Stafford. 

He could yield a significant return, as he is still highly viewed across the NFL. 

Despite obvious arm talent, a work ethic that is second-to-none and a high degree of toughness that allowed him to start 136 consecutive games, the organization simply has not had enough success with the former Georgia quarterback under center. 

Detroit has only appeared in the playoffs on three occasions with Stafford -- losing all three times. 

The closest the Lions and Stafford were to advancing in the postseason was in 2014. 

Despite having a then-top five defense, Detroit was unable to overcome controversial calls against the Dallas Cowboys, falling, 24-20, in the NFC wild card playoff round. 

Stafford's wife Kelly Stafford -- amid constant rumors and speculation regarding where Stafford could be traded -- took to Instagram Wednesday to express that she would prefer to remain in California. 

Could the Los Angeles Chargers then be a preferred destination?

The organization recently moved on from 16-year veteran Philip Rivers, and could be in the market for Stafford if he's made available.

Via Kelly Stafford's Instagram page  

Drafted No. 1 overall in 2009, Stafford has spent his entire career in Detroit, and has amassed significant statistical accomplishments along the way. 


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Comments (6)

Not likely - But wondering if Lions are spreading this to boost the value of 3rd Pick? That’s a big cap hit

No. 1-4

If the Lions trade or release Stafford they pony up $32 freaking million in cap & dead money next season - NOT to have him on the team. That sounds like a great plan! Who in their right mind takes these "rumors" seriously. Plus, we draft #3 so Tua could be gone at #2 in a trade. Please stop this nonsense.


Are you crazy?? You don't trade lstafford. You lose that guy you lose all leadership on the team. U seen what happened when the Lions traded diggs. It would be worse if the Lions dealt Stafford. From the locker room to the fans in the stands that move would cost any chance of the Lions getting anywhere. The teams have respect for Stafford and the Lions now. You trade him we would be a worse laughing stock of the NFL!! If the Lions lose staffy I expect a lot of fans to abandon this sicking ship and pick another team to root for. It would be like Bobby Layne curse all over again only this time it would be with stafford instead of Layne. Damn! Are the Lions this stupid??


please let this happen