Raiola: Former Regime Sped Up Stafford Wanting to Leave

Former Detroit Lions center Dominic Raiola says former regime sped up Matthew Stafford wanting to leave Detroit.

Numerous Lions players have come out and shared how challenging it truly was to deal with former head coach Matt Patricia and general manager Bob Quinn. 

Add former Detroit center Dominic Raiola to the list of those expressing how the former regime, led by the duo from New England, negatively impacted the organization. 

In an interview with Fox 2 Sports, Raiola shared that Stafford's thoughts of leaving Detroit were expedited, as a result of Patricia's and Quinn's mishandling of the roster.  

"The life got strained out of him," Raiola said. "I don't know if people understand how bad Matt Patricia was. I really don't. I don't think people understand how bad Bob Quinn was. He (Stafford) kept it together. He did everything he could. I have no doubt in my mind that sped up the process." 

Even though Stafford never directly called out his former head coach, there was a smattering of chatter that he and Patricia got off on the wrong foot back in 2018. 

It is not that far of a reach to assume that Stafford did not take too kindly to Patricia's abrasive approach when he first arrived in Motown.  

Lions hire Duce Staley to become assistant head coach/running backs coach 

Staley has left the Philadelphia Eagles to replace former Lions running backs coach Kyle Caskey on Dan Campbell's coaching staff. 

Prior to entering the world of coaching, Staley played for 10 years in the NFL -- with the Eagles and Steelers.

He finished his career with 34 total touchdowns and 5,785 rushing yards. 

The addition of Staley to Detroit's coaching staff bodes well for the future of running back D'Andre Swift, who finished his rookie campaign with eight touchdowns.  

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