Report: Tom Brady Was Dealing With Foot Injury Suffered in December

Devon Clements

Tom Brady was dealing with tennis elbow during the second half of the 2019 season, which may have been a factor in his production trailing off over the same time span. But according to one report on Monday, that wasn't the only injury the New England Patriots' quarterback was dealing with in-season. 

According to Mike Giardi of NFL Network, Brady was dealing with a foot injury that he suffered at some point in December. 

Looking closely toward the end of the season, Brady was wearing different white cleats that you normally wouldn't find him in on game day. 

It was also noticed over the final few games that Brady's movement within the pocket wasn't quite as elusive as we had seen from the 42-year-old quarterback for most of the season. Brady was listed back in Week 14 with a "toe" injury, but other than that one week, he was not listed on the injury report with any type of foot-related injury. 

This was likely noted by Giardi because Brady was still feeling the effects of that foot injury during the team's wild-card loss to the Titans on Saturday night. If that's the case, then Brady had quite a bit to fight through besides a lackluster receiving group. 

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Max McAuliffe
Max McAuliffe

Fighting through injury with a subpar receiving core and poor playcalling, Brady still looked alright on Saturday.