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Jalen Ramsey Makes the Case for Raheem Morris Being Named Head Coach as Hiring Cycle Heats Up

Jalen Ramsey shares why he believes Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris should consume the role of a head coach for one of the vacancies across the NFL.

Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey has continued to display his imposing versatile skillset against opponents under Raheem Morris' first season as the team's defensive coordinator.

Morris has deployed the Rams' All-Pro cornerback in a variety of roles. Aside from playing along the boundary – Ramsey's most common alignment – Morris has also carried over the foundation laid by last year's defensive coordinator Brandon Staley, a design to tap into Ramsey's fullest potential. 

Ramsey's success playing outside cornerback is already well documented. But he's also thrived this year playing nickel cornerback, safety and the two linebacker positions at times, earning first-team All-Pro honors this season.

"When ‘Rah’ (Raheem Morris) got here this year, he kind of just took that and went to another level with it," Ramsey told reporters Thursday when speaking about his expanding role. "And not only personally allowed me to play multiple positions and be effective all around the game, but (the) way he taught me the game, the way he breaks down film, things like that he's done with me personally that's improved my game more than I could ever honestly think about."

Ramsey is leading the charge for Morris' head coaching campaign during this season’s hiring cycle. The Minnesota Vikings submitted a request to interview Morris for their head coaching opening on Tuesday. Morris said the interview has not yet taken place but is scheduled to happen.

In Morris' first season in L.A. leading the Rams defense, Ramsey says his coordinator fundamentally knows how to lead a group of men, pointing to his guidance.

"Just the leader he is, like really, really the leader he is," Ramsey said. "How he coaches all of his guys, knows all of his guys, not just like he doesn't treat us all the same, but he treats us all fairly if that makes sense. He knows how to treat different people, how they need to be treated. He's honestly - I could probably go on and on, on about coach ‘Rah,’ but he's genuinely one of the best leaders I've ever been around in my professional career, for sure, but just in general me forever playing football. He's one of the best leaders and the way he challenges guys and brings the best out of them."

While Morris has a significant opportunity to presumably fill the vacancy of Minnesota's head coaching job, this also comes at a time in which he's tasked with preparing his defense ahead of the NFC Divisional Round where they'll attempt to slow down quarterback Tom Brady and the defending Super Bowl champions.

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Morris said his number one job is whatever it takes to help the Rams be victorious when they take the field at Raymond James Stadium this Sunday.

"The only thing that's going to matter is what's going to happen when we get out there on Sunday," Morris said. "That's the only thing I care about. Like I told you a bunch of times, I'm always going to be where my feet are and right now my feet are right here, trying to get a big-time win versus (a) big-time program.”

While the bulk of candidates interviewing for head coaching jobs consist of coordinators and position coaches, Morris' background presents something very few candidates have to offer – previous head coaching experience.

Morris has been a head coach twice in his career with one stint being on an interim basis. In three seasons leading the Buccaneers, Morris went 17-31 in three seasons with the Buccaneers from 2009-2011. His second go-around came following the firing of Dan Quinn in Atlanta, guiding the Falcons to a 4-7 record in 2020.

"If they could get a guy like him, they in good hands, they in a good position," Ramsey said of any team showing interest in Morris. "So, I think he's earned it and he deserves an opportunity at least to be a head coach. I think that would be something really special and dope for him. But if not, then we just going to be on people’s necks next year. We're just going take what we've done this year and build on it.”

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