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Ravens Need to Find Even More Opportunities for Pat Ricard

Baltimore Ravens fullback Pat Ricard has been stellar.
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OWINGS MILLS, Md. — Ravens fullback Pat Ricard is a battering-ram type of player that likes to punish opponents.

Ricard has already made some physical blocks and had some key receptions.

He has also played more snaps than any of the running backs in each of the first four games.

It might be time for the Ravens to be even more creative with him in the offense. 

"He is extremely versatile, and he’s a very valuable part of our offense, and I can’t stress that enough – run game, protection, passing game," offensive coordinator Greg Roman. "There are some times in his … The Minnesota game last year was basically Ricard, Ricard, Ricard, touchdown in that one drive when we needed to get jumpstarted. 

"So, I kind of laugh when people look at him as like a caveman fullback; little do they know that he’s very versatile. But we’re really fortunate, and we’ve just got to keep doing things with him that will increase his versatility.”

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Ricard had three catches for 17 yards in Week 3 against the Bills. He also had some pushing hits on their pass rushers while supporting rookie left tackle Daniel Faalele. 

Ricard has good hands for his size — 6-foot-3, 311 pounds. He could be a big target in the red zone. 

The Ravens have struggled in their short-yardage situations, so Ricard can get more of an opportunity to carry the ball. 

Ricard is already a two-time Pro Bowler and the highest-rated fullback in the NFL, according to Pro Football Focus. 

The Ravens might want to get him the ball even more.