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What the Saints Said After Monday's Win

Here's a look at what some of the Saints players and Sean Payton said following Week 7's primetime win over the Seahawks.

SEATTLE -- The Saints were able to survive both the weather and fan impact the Seahawks faithful brought on Monday Night Football. Powered by strong performances from Alvin Kamara and Demario Davis, New Orleans is staring at a 4-2 record and has back-to-back home games against NFC South foes Tampa Bay and Atlanta. Here's a few memorable quotes from after the game.

Sean Payton

On defense bouncing back and game flow: "You know, they're competitive, and we knew kind of it was going to be that type of game and I thought, you know, there was a couple, a couple drives where they got extended a little bit because of penalties, we knew that crew was calling the most coming into this game, by far, both on offense and defensive fouls. And sure enough, I don't know what the totals were, but there were a lot of fouls called, and that was kind of on par with where they're at. They're first of 17 (crews)."

On Marcus Davenport penalty: "Yeah, his was not roughing the passer, it was a helmet to helmet on the pass rush. So, I don't think anyone was looking for that. And Shawn (Hochuli) explained it and certainly I wasn't looking for it either, but that's what the foul was for."

On the Marshon Lattimore-D.K. Metcalf run-ins: "Yeah. You don’t want to bring 140 people from Seattle to New Orleans and lose because it gets away from you. Everyone’s counting on everyone. And I get it – you want to be competitive. But I think that’s a sign of a team that eventually you know how to win and to win and to win and to win – and that becomes everything. More important than anything else, it’s leaving with another win. You know, it’s a young team. We’re still preaching that message."

On Demario Davis: "Man, I just love the way he leads, the way he plays with enthusiasm. He's really developed into not just run but pass as well. You know he's someone that has good instincts, can close the cushion on a run or play in space. He tackles well. You know, he's playing well. And I'm sure when we look at the tape tomorrow we'll see a lot of good efforts. That's a good, hard fought win."


Alvin Kamara

(On if he enjoyed playing in Seattle) “It’s cool, it’s definitely a nice environment. Every time we come up here, the weather is shitty, but other than that, it’s cool."

On Seahawks efforts to stop the run: "They are a good front, don’t get me wrong. They play hard, the whole defense played hard, but we knew up front that it would be a tough game to run the ball. Sometimes you get teams where you line up and you feel like you know what they are doing. Those are the teams that play the hardest because they do what they do so well. They have Bobby (Wagner), Carlos (Dunlap II), Poona (Ford) in the middle, and a gang of guys. Jamal (Adams) is out there, and they are making plays, coming up, and hitting. You have to stay true and try to stay ahead of the chains. You can’t be discouraged when you get two yards and three yards, it’s going to come.”

Cam Jordan

On getting Marcus Davenport back: "As you get healthier and healthier, who he is is gonna become even more fun. Okay, yes when Marcus came back I was excited, you know, we have packages when it's me, Tanoh (Kpassagnon), Marcus, and you know I'm not getting more and more excited for, maybe next in line, but coming back (David Onyemata).

Jordan said on Onyemata returning: "I don't want to talk about it till it's there, it's like trying to open up a Christmas present early he's gotta wait his turn."

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On what Onyemata has been doing: "Lifting. Getting stronger. Body's going to be fresh."

Jameis Winston

On having Terron Armstead and Erik McCoy back: "It was good to get in a rhythm. Get E and T back, you know that those guys are leaders on that line. So it was just good to see them have a great game and stay healthy."

On sideline exchange with Tre'Quan Smith: "Just communication. We had to be on the same page. That's it. We were just communicating. You know, when everyone gets to talking, I just want it to be me and him, so that's all."

Brian Johnson

On this being a first game to remember: "Yeah. Unrevealing. Couldn't have written it up better myself."

On facing a hostile crowd and bad weather: "To not think about those things, not to overthink things. I just got to go out there and do what I've done plenty of times before. So yeah, that was kind of my mentality coming into this game."


Demario Davis

On the play he blocked the OL into the RB: "Yeah, he blocked me on the play before after the whistle. So, I was like, you're going to get your chance to block me in between the whistle. It was the very next play, just so happened."

Davis added, "And I was trying to talk to him. Pete (Werner) probably grabbed me. He did a good job because I was little fired up right there. But it's like, we know we have 6-7 seconds between whistles. We don't need no fake tough guys. Like, you know the extra pushing after the play, talk after the play, that's not gonna get us anywhere. It's a physical game, you're gonna get your shot if you want, and that so happens it's the next play, so I approached that one with a little intention and purpose."

On physical play: "It was a little chirpy and a little scrappy out there tonight. It was an electric atmosphere, it's Monday Night Football. Everybody got they're brothers and sisters and mommas and grandmas watching. I talk my trash, but I don't understand the extra chirping and trying to prove that you're tough. It's a tough game, you don't have to do that. And if you're tough, you know it'll show up between the whistle."

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