Ryan Ramczyk: 'It's Been Spectacular!' - Reflects on New Contract, Newborn, and 2021

Usually reserved, Ramczyk the highest-paid right tackle in the NFL was "extremely happy" with his new deal with the New Orleans Saints.

"It's been spectacular," said Ryan Ramczyk to Saints media. The typically reserved and media-shy right tackle expressed his pleasure about how his 2021 is turning out. 

"I'm not the guy who loves the attention..., but I do appreciate it. I definitely appreciate it."

Saints RT Ryan Ramczyk talks with media


Ramczyk has plenty to appreciate in the first half of 2021. Wednesday morning, he signed a 5-year, $96 million contract extension through 2026 with New Orleans. The agreement averages $19.2 million per year.

Ramczyk, 27, told reporters, "I'm extremely happy with how everything played out." 

The Saints and Ramczyk's agent have been hammering out the contract extension this offseason. He allowed his representatives to handle the negotiations, "that's what we pay these guys to do. So, they've been through it so many times. This is my first time, obviously, going through an extension, so they know what they're doing...I really tried to just lean on him to take care of everything, really," mentioned New Orleans' stellar lineman.


Ramczyk, who once contemplated giving up on football and becoming a welder, agreed on the richest contract for an offensive right tackle in NFL history.  The extra money will help with his growing family.

Ryan and his wife Rochelle welcomed a new baby to their household earlier in the offseason.  Jaxon Mark Ramczyk was born in the early morning of January 26, 2021.

The New Orleans offensive line is considered one of the best in the National Football League. Terron Armstead and Ramcyzk are also recognized as one of the best tackle tandems in football. 

Nick Shook recognized center Erik McCoy as one of the best NFL players under age 25.  Completing the offensive-line starters are Saints' first-round picks guards Andrus Peat (2015) and Cesar Ruiz (2020). 

New Orleans has committed heavily to the offensive line with massive contracts, and high draft picks to protect its quarterbacks and open lanes for the running backs.

"The offensive line is a very important position. And like you said, they [New Orleans] dedicated a lot of resources to the offensive line. So it means a lot, and now we as a group, I take it very seriously. And we know we go out and put everything we got into this game. And I think we have a solid, really solid group of guys here and definitely looking forward to this season," noted Ramcyzk.


The New Orleans front office has two contracts to consider, Marshon Lattimore and Marcus Williams. The cornerback Lattimore, like Ramczyk, is in the fifth and final year of his rookie contract. He restructured this season's compensation and will earn a $990,000 base salary with a $9,254,000 bonus. His cap hit was lowered to $2,840,800.

Marcus Williams was franchised before hitting free agency and will account for a base salary and 2021 cap hit of $10,612,000.

Working out those two with contract extensions will help stabilize the Saints defensive secondary and two crucial players for the team's success.  Extensions with Lattimore and Williams could assist New Orleans to free enough cap space and sign a free-agent cornerback, linebacker, or another position of need ahead of training camp.

Nevertheless, today's signing is remarkable for the Saints organization and especially for Ramcyzk. 

"I mean, it's awesome. But you know, at the end of the day, I'm gonna go out and do what I always do. And train the way I do and prepare the way I do...I'm still going to be the same guy," stated Ramczyk.