Seahawks Invite Rams Down to Cabo After Losing to Packers

After the Rams talked plenty of smack in a Wild Card upset at Lumen Field last weekend, the Seahawks returned the favor after seeing their NFC West rivals fall short against the Packers in Green Bay.
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Hubris, loss, and sweet revenge has been a prevalent storyline in the 2020 playoffs. Dominant teams have bragged before bagging the ultimate title, causing embarrassing off-field exits and frustrated fanbases.

The Seahawks were a part of this story, as an eager playoff-bound Jamal Adams lit a celebratory cigar during his press conference after beating the Rams 20-9 for the NFC West title in Week 16.

Adams' nonchalance irked Rams players, so much so that Jared Goff recalled Adams' little stint after his team eliminated the Seahawks from the postseason with a 30-20 Wild Card round victory.

"Two weeks ago, you saw them smoking cigars and getting all excited about beating us and winning the division, and we're able to come up here and beat them in their own place," Goff told reporters. "It feels good."

Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey even offered an offseason vacation recommendation to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

"They can take they hats and t-shirts to Cabo," Ramsey said after their January 9 playoff rematch. "They can keep their cigars, too. We sent they ass home. They can go to Cabo for the rest of the offseason."

While Goff and Ramsey may have felt good after the Rams won, the team struggled in a 32-18 Divisional Round loss to the Green Bay Packers, losing their own place in the playoffs and ushering in the offseason.

Like the Seahawks the week before, the Rams were devastated by losing another chance at the Lombardi Trophy. Legendary Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald was even moved to tears

The Seahawks defense anticipated the loss with a virtual toasting of the cigar. Rather than Adams' victory cigar, defensive tackle Jarran Reed lit up Twitter with a toast to South Mexico's newest tourists with the Rams as the latest offseason additions.

Adams answered the Rams loss by extending a personal invitation to none other than Cabo, the place to where Ramsey suggested the losing Seahawks flock.

Stellar cornerback D.J. Reed stepped forward this season, making a massive difference on Seattle's defense in the latter half of the season. He also stepped in to comment on Adams' invitation in jest.

Blitz The Seahawk even joined in on the joke, telling the Rams to "bring their own hats" because "we aren't sharing ours!!!!!!"

This, of course, is a reference to Jalen Ramsey's comments about the Seahawks' NFC West title hats, to which Russell Wilson had his own subtle post-season response.

Seahawks free safety Quandre Diggs chimed in, assuring the Rams that the "Cabo sun would thaw them out" after a freezing Packers game. Diggs wanted to "make sure buddy with the foggy glasses come too," a reference to a disappointed Donald at the end of the game.

Adams went further with the banter, claiming that the hotel prices went up and the Seahawks were fortunate enough to get discounted rooms. Sure, the Seahawks left the playoffs early, but at least they got the best rooms in Cabo.

Quelling any animosity from these on-field foes, Reed offered to buy the Rams a welcome drink. "First round on me," he joked.

While another one-and-done run for the Seahawks is heartbreaking, knowing the Rams are done too does make those offseason drinks a little bit sweeter. Here's to the Adams and company enjoying the sun down in Cabo with an NFC West title still to hang their hats on.