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Steelers Add Russell Wilson to QB Options for 2022

Add Russell Wilson to the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback radar.

During Thursday's NFL on FOX pregame show, insider Jay Glazer raised some eyebrows when discussing Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

Glazer said Wilson will "One million percent' request a trade - again - this offseason.

"He also said in the piece to Erin [Andrews]—great piece, Erin—that it was 'blown out of proportion' this offseason," Glazer said. "It wasn't. It started the day of the Super Bowl. That's when it started with Russell and his agent. You know, the thing here is Russell has a no-trade clause. He can decide where he's gonna go. But, no, it was very dicey here in the offseason between Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks.

"Now, of course, they put it back together. Everything is great right now with Pete Carroll. He was part of that interview process for Shane Waldron, his offensive coordinator. So, right now everything's great. But in the offseason can I see Russell do this again? A million percent. I see Russell trying to do this again."

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Now, coming into the season, it was hard to imagine the Pittsburgh Steelers being interested in Wilson. Even if every team should've been interested. Still, in 2022, that story changes completely.

Even if Art Rooney II won't admit this is Ben Roethlisberger's final season, it likely is. The 39-year-old quarterback has the lowest QBR in the NFL and is four weeks into the season and already dealing with two injuries.

The Steelers have been a hot name when talking about Aaron Rodgers' possible destination next offseason, but Wilson makes as much sense.

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The seven-time Pro Bowler is only 32-years-old and has plenty of gas left in the tank. The Steelers will look all over for their next franchise quarterback, but if the Seahawks are willing to part ways with Wilson, chances are Pittsburgh at least makes a phone call.

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