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BREAKING: Deshaun Watson Officially Requests Trade From Houston Texans

Franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson went to bat for the retention of offensive coordinator Tim Kelly. Kelly is staying in Houston; is Watson? The answer - officially - seems to be “no”

HOUSTON - At the end of the season, franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson of the Houston Texans expressed his hope about the franchise’s future.

Now, according to a Tuesday morning ESPN report, Watson has officially expressed his desire to have a Football Future elsewhere… Telling the Texans he wants to be traded.

The report also states Watson requested the trade weeks ago. The team's quarterback hasn't spoken to the team's new general manager Nick Caserio. He has also not spoken to the highly-criticized Jack Easterby. 

Watson is fresh off his best season as a professional. He led the NFL in passing yards, which also set the franchise record. He had a career-high in touchdowns, yards per attempt, yards per completion, and completion percentage. He also tossed the fewest interceptions of his career. 

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Watson, it was hoped, would be calmed by the higher of new head coach David Culley and The retention of a Watson Favorite in Coordinator Tim Kelly. He previously called Kelly's knowledge of the game "bright" and gave Kelly credit for the best season of his career. 

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Watson said then he'd spoken to chairman Cal McNair about keeping Kelly around and he said he would go to bat for Kelly with the new coach when the team made the hire of the new coach. 

That new coach has been hired; it's Ravens top offensive assistant David Culley. And now we know that Houston will keep Kelly. But now Watson is no longer swinging a bat… He’s pushing on a swinging gate out of Houston.

While Watson put up big numbers, Houston's offensive still had plenty of issues in this 4-12 season. The Texans led the AFC in sacks allowed with 50. Only Pittsburgh ran the ball worse than the Texans as Houston finished 31st in yards per game and total yards.

But the roster turmoil is not the problem. The front-office turmoil, to Watson, is the problem.

So the new coach is coming and the offensive coordinator is staying. ... but the offensive centerpiece Watson wants out. And thanks to his no-trade clause, Watson holds all the power.