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There is a difference between being No. 1 and being the best bet.

That much was apparent Monday when SI Sportbook released its Super Bowl odds for the 14 teams that qualified for the NFL playoffs.

The Tennessee Titans, the No. 1 seed in the AFC, are +800 on the money line.

Four teams, including two in the AFC have shorter odds. They are: Green Bay, the NFC’s top seed (+350), Kansas City (+400), defending champion Tampa Bay (+700) and Buffalo (+700). Tennessee defeated Kansas City and Buffalo during the regular season.

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Additionally, six fantasy/gambling experts offered their thoughts on which team they considered the best place to put your money. Only one chose the Titans.

“Talk about no respect,” Craig Ellenport said. “Four teams -- including two from the AFC -- have better odds of winning the Super Bowl than the Titans, despite Tennessee being the top seed in the conference. The Bills and Chiefs have better odds -- even though Tennessee defeated both teams earlier in the season. People forget Derrick Henry was head and shoulders the best player in the NFL before he got hurt in Week 8. With Henry back for the playoffs, I’ll take the Titans at +800.”

Here is the rundown of Super Bowl futures odds for the 14 NFL playoff teams:

• Packers +350
• Chiefs +400
• Buccaneers +700
• Bills +700
• Titans +800
• Rams +900
• Cowboys +1000

• Bengals +1600
• Patriots +2000
• 49ers +2000
• Cardinals +2000
• Eagles +5000
• Raiders +5000
• Steelers +8000

Jen Piacenti sees the Dallas Cowboys as the best bet but expects Tennessee to live up to its seeding and to be the AFC’s Super Bowl team.

“I also really like the Titans here,” Piacenti said. “Their defense has improved, and they are getting Derrick Henry back. I’ll pick them for the AFC title but give me that +1000 for America’s Team to go all the way!”