Eagles' Brandon Graham Believes Players Trash Trash Talk Could Replace Crowd Noise

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If the NFL returns as scheduled, many expect games to be played without fans in attendance. Without fans, Brandon Graham of the Philadelphia Eagles believes that trash talk between players will be clearly heard through television. Eagles team reports Ed Kracz reacts to Graham's statement and why the NFL could do to prevent foul language from being heard by audiences at home.

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Kaitlin O'Toole: The NFL season will most likely look and feel a little bit different this year as discussions are being held. That while teams may play, they may do so without fans. And for some NFL players, that may be hard as they feed off the sights and sounds of the stadiums. But just because there may be no fans doesn't necessarily mean there will be no noise. Joining me now is Eagles maven Ed Kracz. AD Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham. He said that there will be Clemmie of trash talk that's taking place on the field and without fans, we may even hear it on television. What steps are being done to prevent some of those words from being aired on TV? 

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Ed Kracz: Yeah. You know, it was an interesting comment for Brandon Graham when he said that there is no noise in that stadium. The fans watching on television could hear from four-letter words and maybe even porpoise. So I think the NFL is really going to have to address this. And I know Fox commentator Joe Buck came out and talked about this and said that they are deep in discussions about perhaps piping in crowd noise to alleviate that problem and even putting some virtual fans in the stands, which, you know, that might look a little strange and takes some getting used to. But these are all things you're talking about, and it's something that Roger Goodell, the commissioner, is going to have to look very seriously at to kind of prevent this from happening. And I'm sure at some point, if the NFL decides to continue with its season as scheduled without fans, he'll have to send out an edict to each team and maybe each team will be responsible for piping in that crowd noise.


Kaitlin O'Toole: That's gonna be a lot to consider when the season starts, but I want to go back and talk about Graham specifically. He is the longest-tenured Eagles player, which, you know, is that surprising to you considering he had such a rocky start to his career?

Ed Kracz: I absolutely as you know, it was kind of surprising when I was looking at the roster and saw that he's the longest-tenured guys, 32 years old now. Jason Peters held that role last year, but the Eagles moved on from him. And you mentioned that Rocky start. Kate, when it was rocky, he really didn't become a full-time starter until 2016 when he started all 16 games and was drafted in the first round in 2010. He overcame microfracture surgery on his knee, which ruins a lot of athlete's careers. But he was able to overcome that. And now here he is, an icon really in Eagles history after that strip-sack fumble that he had Tom Brady back in Super Bowl. Fifty-two that sort of wrapped up the win for the Eagles in their first Super Bowl in history. So he's a great guy, is a very infectious personality inside that locker room and someone the Eagles really think very highly of and someone who's earned a place in Eagles fans hearts after what he did in twenty seventeen and how he has performed since becoming a full-time starter six years into his career.

Kaitlin O'Toole: Well, Graham was able to overcome that. I'm sure we'll see how the NFL decides to overcome the possibility of no fans in the stands. AD, thank you so much for your insight on this. I appreciate it.

Ed Kracz: My pleasure. Thank you.

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