Will Jamal Adams Be a New York Jet Next Season?

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Jets' safety Jamal Adams is at a standstill with the team's front office in regards to his contract with the team. With both parties unable to come up with agreeable terms, will the Jets look to move on from one of their best players? Jets team reporter Kristian Dyer shares thoughts on whether the team may trade Adams before the start of next season.

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Madelyn Burke:  Jets Safety Jamal Adams is in a contract stalemate reminiscent of what happened with Darrelle Revis perhaps years ago. But will the Jets and the young defensive back get a deal done anytime soon? Joining me now to discuss the latest in this situation is Kristian Dyer. And Kristian, Adams wants a new deal while the Jets are in no hurry to get one done. What's the status of this standoff? 

Kristian Dyer: Madelyn, you just made Jets fans pop all-star medication by mentioning Gerald Reavis. No one wants a situation like that right now for the Jets. And certainly, when you're talking about Jamal Adams, he's a playmaker. He's the definition of a playmaker, even at a position where you don't necessarily think that someone could be that impactful, the defense. I mean, last year with 75 tackles, 13 quarterback and six and a half sacks, Adams was really someone who floated around and just retired. And he wants to be an as such as the top seed deep in the league. That probably means he's going to need to be getting fifteen million a year. At the end of the day, however, the Jets still have one more year left after this season on his rookie contract and they can franchise tag. So potentially the Jets don't really need to consider a long term deal for Adams for another three seasons. There is no rush to do that. And Adams right now wants to get paid and be paid as a top aide. Safety.

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Madelyn Burke: As you mentioned, the top safety of the league still on his rookie deal, that's a great deal for the Jets. But if they can't reach an agreement here and they can't get a deal done, will the Jets actually consider trading their top player?

Kristian Dyer: I think safety ends up being one of those positions where you look and say, do we want to invest 50 million dollars? I think the point in the rebuild that the Jets are us. They're seven and nine things when six and two to close out the year. So they very easily could have been a team that was one in fifteen if they catch fire at the right time. This is a team that's nowhere near competing with Buffalo and potentially New England in the AFC. You see multiple holes to fill. They just rebuilt their offensive line and they may not be done. They're lacking playmakers and they may need to make some other moves as well on both sides of the ball. Fifteen million dollars tied up out of safety may be an investment that the Jets could potentially bulk at. And you look at the fact that Adams could get net them a first-round pick and a third-round pick and rebuild all of a sudden could be accelerated. That's the case. This could be a Herschel Walker type moment for the Jets.

Madelyn Burke: A lot remains to be seen as the offseason continues. And, well, he'll be on the roster when the season starts September 10th. We will see. Kristian Dyer, thank you so much for the insight.

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