Will Coyotes' wacky ticket plan fill house in Phoenix?

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Coyotes fans might get their money's worth as long as the Blackhawks aren't in town. (Norm Hall/NHLI via Getty Images)

Phoenix Coyotes fans at Jobing.com Arena

By Allan Muir

You gotta hand it to the Coyotes. They won't take "seriously, we don't care" for an answer from potential ticket buyers in the greater Phoenix area.

The team announced today what has to be the craziest, and most convoluted, ticket "package" ever.

From the press release:

The GOALden Ticket allows fans to purchase one of two ticket packages to attend anywhere from one to 10 of the Coyotes' final 2012-13 regular season home games in lower level seats (regularly priced at $75). By purchasing the first ticket package for $100, a fan will receive five (5) goals on their GOALden Ticket. Beginning on March 9 versus the Dallas Stars, fans will be able to see up to 10 Coyotes home games until the team gives up five (5) goals at Jobing.com Arena. Once that happens, the GOALden Ticket is void.

The second ticket package provides the fan with 25 goals on their GOALden Ticket for the price of $250. Beginning on March 9 versus the Stars, fans will have an opportunity to attend up to 10 Coyotes home games until the team gives up 25 goals at Jobing.com Arena. Once this occurs, the GOALden Ticket is void.

So basically they're asking you to gamble that the team's defense will remain solid long enough for you to get your money's worth.

Even with goaltender Mike Smith playing better of late, that's not necessarily a safe bet. The Coyotes already this season have played two home games, both against Chicago, that would have seen the promotion end in a single night with six goals-against. In that case, your GOALden memories of the Coyotes would be of overpaying for your ticket by $25 and seeing your team get smoked. Probably not the best recipe for return business.

But if the promotion had been available starting Jan. 28, a fan could have gone to five games -- Nashville (0), Edmonton (2), Dallas (0), Minnesota (1) and Chicago, before the fifth goal voided his ticket. Not bad at all.

And the $250 package? The Coyotes have given up 20 goals through eight home games this season, so it might be possible to stretch it out for the max 10 games. A fan could have seen the final 10 games last season under the plan, putting the average ticket price at $25 a pop. Not bad.