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Roberto Luongo loses to Red Wings, wins at Twitter

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It clearly wasn't one of the better days in Roberto Luongo's NHL career. (Dave Reginek/NHLI via Getty Images)

Roberto Luongo got shelled by the Red Wings.

By Allan Muir

These are dark times for comedy. The doors have been shuttered at 30 Rock. Curb Your Enthusiasm is in creative limbo. People watch Two and a Half Men on purpose. Adam Sandler keeps making movies.

Dark, dark times...

But there is hope. All we need is for Roberto Luongo to suck at hockey. Not all the time, of course. Maybe just one spectacularly bad moment every now and then.

We realize Canucks fans may not be on board with this plan. And honestly, Luongo's played so well this season that we can't really count on his cooperation, either.

But when things fall apart for the veteran stopper, as they did Sunday when he was lit up for eight goals by the Red Wings, comedy gold ensues:

That one came less than a week after this gem:

Arrested Development