Mr. T scores goal. Internet implodes.

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By Allan Muir

This is one of those stories where the headline pretty much says it all.

The Blackhawks, to their eternal credit, are one of the few teams that still works the Score-O bit during intermissions. In Chicago, it's a three-person show in between the second and third periods, with the added sizzle that one of the participants tends to be a local celebrity.

This time, the celeb was a bit bigger than a weatherman or a car dealer.

Yep, 1980s TV icon Mr. T, clad in a No. 7 Hawks sweater and an American flag bandana, was the evening's main event. He whipped the crowd into hysterics typically reserved for a Bieber sighting with a couple of catch phrases (you know the ones), then lined up for his chance at immortal glory.

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