Mike Milbury calls for vigilante justice against Matt Cooke

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ByAllan Muir

Now that Alex Ovechkin is back in his good graces, NBC Sports analyst Mike Milbury has a new target: Pittsburgh forward Matt Cooke.

Milbury struggled to find the right words to describe his disdain for the edgy forward ahead of tonight's game between the Pens and Sens. He did not have any trouble describing what he'd like to see, though.

"Should I try putrid? Cowardly? Because this guy's a skunk, he's a freakin' skunk!" Milbury stammered. "I think somebody ought to set him straight and I hope it's Ottawa tonight but if it doesn't, I don't care who it is."

"They might have to do something, just like the rest of the league," he continued.

Milbury acknowledged that Cooke had reformed his act somewhat after his vicious hit ended the career of Boston's Marc Savard, but his game seems to be trending back towards the grey area after his hit on Erik Karlsson left the Ottawa defender with a sliced Achilles' tendon. Case in point: his questionable hit on Boston's Adam McQuaid on Saturday afternoon.

"That's either a charley horse if you're lucky or a knee [injury] if you're not," Milbury said of that collision. "It's gutless and it should be out of the game."

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