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Top Line: Chicago's Stanley Cup Final hole looks deep, more links

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Ugly history: Game 3 losers have lost the Cup final 84 percent of the time since 1939. (Gail Oskin/Getty Images)

The Blackhawks look on during their Game 3 loss in the Stanley Cup Final.

By Allan Muir

An annotated guide to this morning's must-read hockey stories:

• You remember that 3-1 deficit that Chicago rallied from against the Red Wings? This 2-1 hole they've dug for themselves against the Bruinsseems a lot deeper, doesn't it?

• It's a rare day that the Boston Globe pulls Dan Shaughnessy out from behind the pay-wall. Take advantage of this while you can.

• There's Danny Paille, scoring his second winner in as many games. Because apparently Moe Lemay wasn't available.

• With Marian Hossaa late scratch, Chicago needed Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane to step the Hawks were pretty much DOA at that point.

• Ben Smith earned a last-minute promotion from the Black Aces for a Stanley Cup start in the town where he made his name as a college hockey hero.

• How easy did Tuukka Rask have it? Bruce Arthur writes he was "as casual as a lemonade stand."

Three Stars weren't enough to recognize all the heroes of a disciplined, exhaustive effort last night by the Bruins.

• The Bruins were worried about respecting Chicago's speed and avoiding dumb penalties. Should have been the other way around, writes Roy MacGregor.

• Here are five takeaways from the Boston win.

• And here are three keys to the Blackhawks' loss.

• It's the same tune, but with different lyrics. In Boston, they're singing about a penalty kill that is in the groove. In Chicago, they're wailing a dirge about a power play gone wrong.

• Given a little time and space, Jaromir Jagr is showing he still has a bit of the ol' razzle-dazzle in his game.

• Maybe that word means something else in Finnish.

• A tentative lease agreement for Arena will be presented to Glendale city council tonight. If they agree to what amounts to $15 million in subsidies within a week, the Coyotes may just make it. If not, Plan B -- Seattle -- is all but a done deal.

• The league may love the thought of a franchise in Seattle, but a club facing at least four or five seasons in an outdated rink might be just as big a financial drain as one in the desert.

• The sheer goofiness of some of the voting for this year's NHL awards may lead to greater transparency in the future.

Logan Couture's got lunch. The budding superstar reportedly has agreed to terms on a contract extension that should ensure he's capable of picking up the tab for years to come.

• John Tortorella has to convince the Vancouver Canucks that he can leave his baggage in New York.

• The Flyers and Mark Streit have agreed to a four-year, $21 million deal. Problem is, they can't sign anything until GM Paul Holmgren clears some old money off the books. See ya later, Danny Briere.

• Philly clearly needed to bolster a sub-par blueline. But is Streit the answer or just another expensive, aging risk?

• The Flyers have their eye on Donovan McNabb's nephew in this year's draft. If that's the case, they might want to think about moving up from 11. I don't see defenseman Darnell Nurse dropping that far.

• Speaking of the draft, here's a look at the top-five picks from the perspective of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

• New coach Alain Vigneault will bring substantial changes in style to the New York Rangers.

• Owner Jeff Vanderbeek missed a loan payment deadline and now the Devils are looking for some angel investors..and a couple of guys with failed ties to the Lightning are at the front of the line. Somewhere, a documentarian is getting ready to start shooting B roll for Big Shot 2.

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