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Top Line: Musings on Game 4 thriller, Kris Letang's situation; more links

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It was a crazy night in Boston, and not a good one for Bruins goaltender Tuukka Rask. (Harry How/AP)

Tuukka Rask in Stanley Cup Final Game 4

By Allan Muir

A super-sized annotated guide to this morning's must-read hockey stories:

• "The wheels came off and nothing was safe," writes Bruce Arthur.

• And just like that, it's time to settle in for a long series, kids.

• The Hawks won this game by playing a brand of hockey that would make the '80s Oilers proud.

It wasn't much from an artistic standpoint, but Game 4 illustrated what gripping, unpredictable entertainment hockey can be.

Marian Hossa wasn't anything close to 100 percent last night, but he made an effort that inspired his teammates.

• Looking back at what might have been is pointless for the Bruins, who instead are focused on what they have to do better to win two of the next three games.

• Allan Maki says last night's game is proof that the NHL does have shootouts in the playoffs.

• Tuukka Rask had a rough night between the pipes, but no one in Boston's room is hanging this one on their goaltender.

Corey Crawfordhad his own struggles, but he was one goal better than Rask.

• Both Boston and Chicago, the cities and well as the teams, are worthy of raising the Cup.

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• While general managers around the league are taking care of business, talking trades and handling free agents, Chicago's Stan Bowman has other pressing matters to attend to.

• Thought this was a joke when I heard about it last night. Nope. It really happened.

• If the Rangers decide to buy out Brad Richards, here's one team that would love to fit him into their lineup.

• At meetings yesterday in Boston, the NHL's general managers supported hybrid icing and mandatory visors for next season. Now the proposals go before the Board of Governors for final approval.

Kris Letang wants to remain with the Pittsburgh Penguins, but his salary demands make him a must-move player.

This team needs an experienced puck-moving defenseman...but it won't be Letang.

• Don't blame Henrik Lundqvist for John Tortorella being shown the door in New York.

• "What's he done wrong?" Sabres owner Terry Pegula replied, apparently without irony, when asked about GM Darcy Regier. If Pegula had any credibility with Buffalo's long-suffering fans, that one response just frittered it away.

• Someday, David Shoalts will be given some honor or another for his tireless efforts to chronicle the ongoing saga of the Phoenix Coyotes at a time when even the most hockey-obsessed fans in the desert get a tired head just from thinking about the fate of the team. Until then, please appreciate his latest update.

• A new arena in Detroit? It's all good. Literally. As in, no one will mourn the end of the Joe Louis Arena era.

• Toronto and Montreal will share the World Juniors in 2015 and 2017? That's so crazy it just might work.

• Compared to the roster stability that marks the success of Boston and Chicago, the Flyers have a full-blown identity crisis.

• Kevin McGran looks at Toronto's off-season to-do list. Hmmm ... Bozak ... Kadri ... wait ... this is a bit of a surprise...

Conan O'Brien is a sports moron.

this was a good idea?