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Top Line: Stanley Cup Final Game Day; Saddledome flood update; more links

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Corey Crawford insists concerns over his glove hand are overblown. (Bill Smith/NHLI via Getty Images)

Blackhawks goalie Corey Crawford

By Allan Muir

An annotated guide to this morning's must-read hockey stories:

• Corey Crawford says the talk about the vulnerability of his glove hand is exaggerated. Game 5 should be interesting tonight. The Bruins feel like he's weak there. Crawford knows that's where they'll be shooting. You don't suppose he'll look like Brooks Robinson tonight, do you?

• Chris Gasper quotes John Donne in the lede to his column on the expected bounceback effort from Tuukka Rask. Pretty sure this earns you a college credit in 16th century English poetry if you read it.

• The coaches' proactive approaches have been some of the most fascinating aspects of the series, says a guy who knows something about coaching.

• Are the Blackhawks on to something with their hit-first approach to Zdeno Chara? Or are they just poking the bear?

• Chicago's special teams are evolving as the Final progresses...and that could be bad news for the Bruins.

• He doesn't wear a letter, but this Blackhawk has been the team's true leader during the Final.

Marian Hossamissed another practice Friday, but that nagging injury won't keep him out of the lineup Saturday night.

This photo of Zdeno Chara amuses me.

• Could there be a Yeti sighting Saturday? Swedish rookie Carl Soderberg skated on the fourth line in place of Kaspers "Offside" Daugavins on Friday. Don't expect a miracle in what will likely be very limited minutes, but he has far superior hands to any other option the Bruins have, so this is worth watching.

• Playing "so-so" hockey isn't good enough says David Krejci, who expects his line to be a lot better tonight.

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• This Blackhawk could have been a Yankee.

• Now that we're down to a best of three, it's finally okay to start having a serious conversation about Conn Smythe candidates.

• It's true: Patrick Kane is growing up right in front of our eyes.

• The flooding in Calgary has caused "shocking, unbelievable damage to the Saddledome. It's going to take some time to fully assess the extent, so it's too early to speculate on what it means to the team and where they might have to start next season.

• Every coaching change promises a new beginning, but wait until you see what Alain Vigneault has in mind for the New York Rangers.

• The hiring of Vigneault means a change in style as much as substance, says Larry Brooks.

• So who actually wants John Tortorella in Vancouver? The GM or the owner? If it is Francesco Aquilini, this could lead to all kinds of dysfunction in the Canucks front office.

• Quality of players, rather than the guy behind the bench is what changes the direction of a franchise, writes Damien Cox.

• The Oilers have their eye on a Buffalo Sabre with local ties.

• The Sabres would like to move up in the draft, but the picks they want aren't for least, not to them.

• The Red Wings expect several graduates from the Calder Cup champion Grand Rapids Griffins to earn full-time employment in Detroit next season, but don't expect any unfamiliar faces.

• The Wings could use a pair of compliance buyouts to get their roster in order...but there might be a hitch.

• Lindy Ruff wasn't the first choice of the Dallas Stars, but that doesn't mean he won't be the right one.


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