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Must-See Video: Henrik Lundqvist shows supermodel how to work it

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By Allan Muir

He's hockey's best goaltender. He's recognized as one of the best-dressed men in the world. He's in a rock band. He owns a restaurant, runs a charity and has won acclaim for writing several of the greatest episodes of "Breaking Bad."

OK, maybe not that last thing, but it's not like Henrik Lundqvist needs that feather in his stylish cap, too. Because honestly, there's pretty much nothing that Hank can't do.

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Case in point: in this Swedish commercial for Head & Shoulders, he shows struggling model* Sofi Fahrman just how to sell great hair to the camera. It is magnificent (and a lot less creepy than their last spot.)

How the NHL has missed turning this guy into its biggest marketing asset is beyond me. Maybe less time working on curbing jersey tucks and more time invested in this, eh fellas?