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Ten things we learned from the Maple Leafs-Sabres line brawl

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Phil Kessel ended up trading jabs with Brian Flynn (among others) during a wild melee.  (Getty Images)

(Claus Andersen/Getty Images)

By Allan Muir

1. John Scott is as considerate as he is large.

"I said, 'Phil I think we're going to have to go here, just to let you know,' " Scott told the media in Buffalo. "I would have went after who ever they put lined up next to me. I don't know what their coach had in mind. I wasn't trying to hurt him. I was just trying to send a message. They put out Phil and that's just who it happened to be."

2. Phil Kessel is a freaking Jedi!

(h/t SB Nation)

(h/t SB Nation)

3. A devoted adherent to "The Code," Scott was hurt -- hurt, I say! -- by Kessel's reaction to his invitation.

"I was a little surprised," he said. "I've never seen a stick swing like that. I have bruises all over my legs!"

4. Much like fellow great Canadian Joni Mitchell, Scott can see both sides now.

"I'd be upset as well," he said when asked how he'd feel if another team sent its heavyweight against a Sabres' star like Cody Hodgson. "I'd be pissed off if someone went after our star guy. But it's one of those things where their coach didn't have to put Kessel out with me. He kinda knew what was gonna happen."

5. The Leafs visit the Sabres on Nov. 15. Fans sitting in the first three rows are advised to wear a raincoat. That's the splatter zone!

"I'm sure there's gonna be some kind of retribution," Scott said. "I'm sure their tough guys who weren't in the lineup, [Colton] Orr, [Fraser] McLaren, they're not too happy with me. We'll deal with that come November.

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6. Toronto coach Randy Carlyle is a big enough man to admit when he is wrong . . . oh, and he'd make a lousy diplomat.

"I made a mistake," the Maple Leafs’ coach said on Monday. "I never believed in my wildest dreams that the attack would come directed at that type of player from the opposition, but I was wrong.

[Buffalo coach Ron Rolston] sends Scott out, so I tried to defuse the situation by putting Kessel, [Tyler] Bozak and [Carter] Ashton on the ice [to convey] there was no threat to something further." Which makes perfect sense because history shows big guys never take advantage of smaller guys, right?

7. The surprising tale of the tape.

Scott had Kessel by eight inches and 70 pounds. Seriously, who knew Kessel weighed two bills? He looks like he goes maybe a buck-eighty, with his equipment on.

8. Rolston had no problem with star goalie Ryan Miller choosing to dance with Jonathan Bernier on the undercard.

"Millsie wants to be part of a close team, so I'm happy to he did that," he said.

9. Who's the big winner at the end of it all?

That'd be Jamie Devane, the hard-nosed winger whose fight with Buffalo's Corey Tropp set the donnybrook in motion. With David Clarkson likely to be suspended 10 games--meaning he could be out until Oct. 25--the Leafs could use a little jam up front. But since Clarkson's salary remains on the books while suspended, his replacement will have to be dirt cheap. That means Devane, who was ticketed for the AHL Marlies, is now a favorite to stick with the big club.

10. And the biggest loser?

Most would probably say Clarkson, who is likely to see about $500,000 diverted from his paycheck after hopping the boards to join the melee. That's a fair guess, but the real loser is Brian Flynn, whose nose was bloodied by Kessel in their tussle. Again, bloodied by Kessel. How'd you like that to be the thing you were best known for?

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Scott's not so tough after all.