Rumor: Sabres pull Ryan Miller off the trade market

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By Allan Muir

A well-known NHL agent says that the Sabres have decided not to trade goalie Ryan Miller and instead will focus on re-signing the pending free agent.

Brian Lawton, the former general manager of the Lightning, passed that rumor along early this morning via his Twitter account.

You can, of course, take the news with the same grain of salt that you would any other rumor this time of year, but there is some logic to it. The market for the Team USA backup is limited, which may be reducing the potential return on a trade of Miller to a level below what new Buffalo GM Tim Murray deems reasonable. Making an effort to re-sign the goalie would at least give Murray the chance for a win in the court of public opinion, which might be more valuable than whatever he's being offered.

Or, Murray could just recognize that Miller, with his steadiness between the pipes, is the ultimate stabilizer, the one player who can ease the Sabres' transition from doormat to juggernaut over the next three-to-five years.