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NHL didn't let Johnny Gaudreau use a flaming stick at Skills Competition

It's been a whirlwind of a weekend for Flames rookie Johnny Gaudreau, who is one of six first-year players to attend the All-Star festivities. On Friday, he was drafted by Team Toews to participate in Saturday's Skills Competition, where he arguably stole the show in being used as a prop in Jakub Voracek's Breakaway Challenge, and he also learned he'd be joining fellow rookies Aaron Ekblad and Filip Forsberg in the actual All-Star Game. 

"Someone came down and told me I was going to be playing, so it was cool," Gaudreau said. "It was back and forth. I heard a lot of rumors if I was going to play or not. I thought Friday I really was going to play and I guess I wasn't. I don't know what changed. I'm just glad to be a part of the game."

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If there's one thing missing from the weekend, it's his one unfulfilled request:

Nationwide Arena's cannon makes Johnny Gaudreau jump

Points to Gaudreau for thinking outside the box, but never before has Player Safety been so important.