• Where do all 22 teams rank entering MLS's 22nd season? Plus, a key question for each club ahead of the new campaign.
By Alexander Abnos
February 28, 2017

Preseason is over. All the drafts are done. Thanks to the CONCACAF Champions League’s continually-weird scheduling, some teams have already played official games. The 2017 MLS season is upon us, which means it’s time for the first edition of MLS Power Rankings.

The league has added two new teams in Atlanta United and Minnesota United, and that combined with the fact that no teams have played a league game yet will make this edition of the Power Rankings different from those that will follow.

These one emphasize off-season moves and improvements to last year’s rosters (or the crafting of new ones), as well as gauging the general sense of momentum surrounding each team as it heads into the season. That’s why, for example, Atlanta United is ranked so high despite never having played an official game, and also why the Red Bulls are ranked in the middle of the league despite being of of MLS’s strongest teams last year (unexpectedly trading your club captain will tend to have that effect).

Feat your eyes on this now, because this is MLS, and this list will be constantly in flux throughout the season. But for now, here’s where the league's 22 teams stand entering its 22nd season:

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