By 90Min
January 26, 2018

New Manchester United star Alexis Sanchez is at the centre of a fresh controversy after it has been alleged that the player missed a drugs test on the day that he completed his transfer.

Various reports note that Sanchez is believed to have been one of the names listed for a random test when doping officials turned up at Arsenal's training ground on Monday. But the Chilean was obviously not present as he was in the midst of joining United.

The Daily Star explains that he had specifically travelled to Liverpool for an update to his work permit, after which the deal could be officially signed off.

FA doping regulations dictate that clubs must provide advanced detailed plans of player whereabouts so that individuals can always be found for testing - Manchester City were fined £35,000 last season for failing to maintain accurate records of information.

That includes when they will be training, when they are off, as well as home addresses. It is then down to players themselves to be at their stated whereabouts.

Sanchez was obviously not where he was supposed to be at the time stated, but, according to Sky Sports, testers were not informed about the player's updated whereabouts, leading him to miss the test - potentially strike one of three.

It remains to be seen who was at fault. Technically, Sanchez was still an Arsenal player and therefore it looks to have been an administrative oversight on the part of the Gunners. However, they will fairly argue that extenuating circumstances were at play.

There is absolutely no suggestion that Sanchez deliberately missed the test or has taken drugs.

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