By 90Min
March 01, 2018

Crystal Palace chairman Steve Parish has made it clear that he is against the introduction of   the Video Assistant Referee (VAR), and says that it is a 'dangerous road' to go down. 

VAR has been a subject of controversy in recent times, with trials during FA Cup and Carabao Cup games happening with varying success over the last few months. A decision whether to use the technology during this summer's World Cup in Russia is to be made on Saturday. 

Speaking at the Sport Industry Breakfast Club on Wednesday (as quoted by the Daily Mail), the Eagles chief gave his view on the introduction of VAR.


"I am very worried about VAR. I hate all those games that stop and start, waiting for a decision, and they don’t necessarily get the decision right." He said.

"We’re going down an incredibly dangerous road with that. My real problem is that we’ve got it for five decisions at the moment, but I can’t see any end to it. You know the answer for everything is going to be more VAR."

Rugby introduced their version of VAR, known as TMO (Television Match Official) in 2001, and Parish insists that the addition of the technology has made the sport less interesting.

He added. "I don’t see a point of having it for five things when you’re still going to get massive injustices. I remember when rugby introduced Television Match Officials. I just lost interest in it."

It is expected that officials will decide to use VAR during the world cup, when they meet in Zurich on Saturday. However, it is still to be seen if VAR has a long-term future in the English game. 

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