SI All-American TV: Jim Mora Says College Football Coaches 'Have to Be Vulnerable'

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As college football players all over America return to campus, the impact of social unrest has been felt as much as the delay COVID-19 created with the sports calendar.

Iowa has undergone staff changes, Clemson has been under the microscope, Texas' student-athletes are creating change in their athletic department and Oklahoma State kicked off this week with plenty of questions surrounding its leadership.

In addition to the student-athletes on the front lines of change, college administrators and head coaches will remain in the spotlight well beyond wins and losses in 2020. From fight songs to the names donned on stadiums and campus dormitories, plenty of programs will undergo change in the coming weeks and months.

Football commentator Jim Mora outlines some of the impacts the movement has had on the sport on SI All-American TV, a weekly video feature that continues today. A longtime NFL and collegiate head coach, Mora most recently led UCLA’s football program from 2011-2017. His experience gives him a unique perspective on roster building and management at each level.

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