By Extra Mustard
February 12, 2013

The first weekend without any NFL action has now come and gone. The end of the regular season marks a sad time in the sports calendar, the beginning of the withdrawal period and the long wait for September to bring back meaningful action from the nation’s most popular sport. To help cope with our new Sunday void, Extra Mustard is compiling our favorite 75 GIFs from the season, brought to you in three parts. It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t open Part I with the most GIF-friendly moment of the season, Mark Sanchez’s butt fumble. Oh and an angry Jim Harbaugh. Lots of angry Jim Harbaugh. Enjoy, and also check out Part II here and Part III here.

The butt fumble.

Mark Sanchez Butt Fumble

Gunther Cunningham drop-kicks playbook.

Stafford high five #fail.

Jacksonville Baguars.

Greg Jennings cheering up Mason Crosby.


Watch out for Danny Amendola.

Kyle Rudolph's Lambeau Leap.

Jason Avant's outrageous one-handed grab.

Joe Flacquiao.

Julio Jones in back of end zone.

Watch your mouth.

Brees to Morgan FTW.

Three turnovers on one play.

Arian Foster, all class.

Jared Allen's QB tryout

Chad Henne's stache.

Fallout from the 'stache.

Down goes Cassel

Jim Harbaugh. (Not the last.)

So much anger. via

So much anger.

So much anger.

So much anger.

So much anger.

So much anger.

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