By Brett Smiley
January 05, 2014

Wild Card Horses

By the power vested in Andrew Luck's Amish beard, the Colts pulled off the second-greatest comeback in NFL postseason history on Saturday, erasing a 28-point deficit in the second half to edge the Chiefs by a 45-44 margin in a wildly exciting game. The play of the game was Luck's fumble recovery touchdown run, a defining moment of his young career ... Check out Advanced NFL Stats' graphic showing the Colts win probability throughout the game ... Alex Smith turned in an outstanding performance, but got flagged for intentional grounding by this utterly emotionless ref (via @cjzero) ...  LaRon Landry gets thumped in head, teammate Kelvin Sheppard congratulated him by repeatedly slapping his head ... This is how Luck celebrates ... Colts punter Pat McAfee tweeted a photo of a half-naked Luck in the locker room ... Headline in Indy, and in Kansas City ... Compare the #1 Colts fan (via @_MarcusD_) with …

… The #1 creepiest Saints fan (also via @cjzero) ... Steve Gleason (more on him below) knew that Mark Ingram was one of the keys to the game for New Orleans, and Ingram delivered with a huge 97-yard rushing performance, and a fancy touchdown dance ... Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan's play sheet contained photos of his father Buddy, and the exterior of Philly landmark Pat's King of Steaks, which is presumably where Ryan celebrated ... Saints secret weapon: Popeyes ... The Eagles' loss didn't stop the team's celebratory fireworks from going off.

Hot Tub Tailgate Machine

What do you get when you combine freezing cold weather, Eagles fans, a green pepper, an old man swigging from a bottle of Wild Turkey in a hot tub, a pair of flippers, and a reporter on live television? Possibly the most entertaining tailgate video I have ever seen.

Team Gleason Gets Twitter MVP

Steve Gleason, the former Saints safety, occasional Peter King substitute, and driving force behind ALS advocacy/fund-raising group Team Gleason, delivered an epic performance on Twitter during the Saints-Eagles game, combining humor, information about ALS, and some prescient observations.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Today's LLOD is Swiss-born model/actress/singer Kat Graham of The Vampire Diaries. Recently she did a shoot with photographer Terry Richardson—which is to say, she's wearing less clothes than usual, for art. Get more of Kat at Mandatory and/or follow her on Twitter and Instagram, or some combination of those good suggestions.

Fighting Wooooooooords

Perhaps inspired by Hulk Hogan's efforts, "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair braved the elements and flew to "S**thole Green Bay" to give a motivational speech to the 49ers. Woo!

Alabama Slammer

SportsGrid has another video from the epic fight at the Sugar Bowl, in which the mother dances and flips double birds in what appears to be the direction of the Oklahoma contingent. Woo!

(Really) Ill-Advised Teaser

Really Ill-Advised this week because there're only two games on the slate. That said, sometimes I like restaurants that offer just a limited, one-page menu. Put another way: Sometimes I eat too much.

I think what I'm trying to say is: Though there're only two remaining this weekend, I think I can cook up a teaser that will take me to 5-5 on the season. In the early contest, give me the streaking Chargers (+7) who are pretty much playing on borrowed time against the Bengals. These two played a fairly even contest only about a month ago, and with all the pressure on Cincy, I think the Chargers can at least avoid getting lit up. In the NFC, I'm going with San Francisco (bold, I know), which is now a 3-point favorite. It's going to be Tom Coughlin Red Face cold this evening and I don't see how that would favor the passing team, Green Bay. Bottom line: San Francisco has a much better defense and they've played well on the road. Giddy 'up with SD +13, SF +3.

Odds & Ends

Spend some time with the best Extra Mustard stories of the week … It's adorable when a young kid trolls a frustrated fan base ... Tim Duncan, not bad at passing ...  Doug Christie is part of the former NBA contingent that will join Dennis Rodman in North Korea ... Kevin Love blocks Kevin Durant  (via r/nba) ... Notre Dame debuts in ACC with win at over Duke ... Remember books? Here are six football-themed ones worth reading … Good luck drinking a cold, non-slushie beer at Lambeau Field.


The Mavericks paid homage to Anchorman with another goofy spot. Whoever was in charge of casting nailed it with Dalembert.


Missouri Coach Gary Pinkel Gets Down

The players demanded Pinkel dance after their Cotton Bowl win. He delivered.

Still the Greatest Comeback

This one's for you, Buffalo native Matt S.

There's Only One Way to End This Thing


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