By Dan Treadway
January 09, 2014

Five days after his father passed away, Georgia basketball coach Mark Fox coached his team to one of its biggest wins of the season -- a 70-64 road upset against No. 21 Missouri.

This was Fox's first game on the bench since his father Raymond, who was also a life-time basketball coach, passed due to complications related to lung disease. This message on the white board in the Bulldogs locker room made it apparent that the team was ready to rally around their ailing coach.

Blair Kerkhoff of The Kansas City Star wrote about Fox's emotions after the victory:

Overjoyed at the Bulldogs’ stunner, no doubt. But in this moment he also thought of his father, Raymond Lewis Fox, 78, who died on Saturday in the family’s home town of Garden City, Kan.

“No question he’s why I got into coaching,” Mark Fox said. “I was blessed to have him as a dad.”

Fox seems like a genuinely great guy -- just this fall he donned body paint and spikes at Georgia football game -- so its nice to see that his team found a way to pull out what was a big victory for the program.

While the 7-6 Bulldogs haven't had a banner season to date, this was one win that the team -- and Fox in particular -- will be able to cherish moving forward:

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