Texas Rangers pitcher Derek Holland has an interesting impression of ESPN broadcaster Tim Kurkjian.

By Extra Mustard
March 03, 2015

When ESPN's spring training tour hit Surprise, Ariz., to check in on the Texas Rangers, pitcher Derek Holland got to take his stab at an impression of broadcaster Tim Kurkjian.

Kurkjian impressions have, for better or worse, become something of a springtime rite of passage. Some are pretty spot-on, some aren't and most are good for a quick laugh and nothing more.

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It's tough to decide where exactly Holland's should be categorized.

The short joke is too easy to make, especially considering Holland is 6'2" and Kurkjian is 5'5". But ESPN's Jay Crawford and Mark Mulder set Holland up pretty nicely, and his voice starts off as a mostly decent parody of Kurkjian's before falling off.

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All in all, let's call this a six out of 10.

- Mike Fiammetta

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