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By Dan Gartland
April 28, 2016

Wild Thing Turns 50

golfer turned 50 today. Watch him play golf without a shirt on. 

Real or Nah?

We got an email from a guy who said his friend got a tattoo of the new Kings logo after hearing of the team’s offer to cover the cost of getting inked. The guy was hoping the Kings would show him “some love.” Here’s the thing, though. It looks totally fake, no? (Click on the photo to zoom in.)

That’s paint. It’s paint. There’s no skin irritation around this enormous “tattoo” he supposedly just got. He sent the same email verbatim to ForTheWin and they did a post on it, so I guess he got what he wanted. What do you think? Is he trolling or is this legit? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

That Was a Close One

Everyone loves Tony Holmes, a Twitter user in St. Louis who’d never seen a hockey game but decided to live-tweet the NHL playoffs. His hilarious tweets got him featured on the Today show but his account suddenly went dark for about an hour this afternoon. Don’t worry, though, he’s back. He’ll be at Game 1 of the Blues-Stars series tomorrow. 

P.M. Lovely Lady of the Day

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Draft Day!

Finally, pre-draft hype will give way to post-draft speculation. We have a whole bunch of cool interactive content related to the draft. You can vote on your favorite draft prospects (based on résumé items like “tickled the president of the Sugar Bowl.”) We also have a quiz to determine what kind of NFL scout you are. Or you can take this mock interview with a team and see how it impacts your draft stock. If you’re going to watch the draft on TV, following along with our bingo board will make things a bit less boring. 



Odds & Ends

Hoverboards blow up all the time, so you can’t bring one to the Kentucky Derby. ... Roger Goodell was asked a question about concussions and was like, Wait, what? I didn’t hear you. ... Rob Riggle is getting a sports-themed late-night show on TBS. ... Is Vin Diesel’s character in the Fast & Furious franchise actually Cuban? ... After the Department of Justice said it would investigate the NCAA’s decision to ban satellite camps, the NCAA changed its mind and rescinded the ban. ... There’s an algorithm that predicts when Game of Thrones characters will die. ... Ted Cruz is bad at lying. ... Gallery: The Day in Sports (April 28), featuring the first round of the NFL draft.

Got 'Em

Heart Throb Les Miles

Wait, How?

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