LeBron James approves of ‘Hamilton’ parody of him

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Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James was the subject of a spoof video set to the opening number of the hit Broadway show “Hamilton.”

Amid the controversy from Vice President-elect Mike Pence's visit to see “Hamilton” in New York, Dose released a four-minute video with actors playing Stephen Curry, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and James telling the story of the NBA star's career.

Watch the full video below:

James spoke to ESPN about the video and said he enjoyed the clip.

"It was basically the whole journey, up until this point," James said. "So, obviously they've done their homework and they were pretty much spot on. And the visuals were pretty cool too. You know, all the different characters and different uniforms and different jerseys and things of that nature. I've done something right up until this point with my career to see someone be able to take the time out of their days to do something like that. It's pretty cool."

James says he planned on seeing “Hamilton” in New York in June but other plans got in the way. He expects to see it soon.