In Monday's all-important Hot Clicks, we learn how to properly flush a toilet. Plus a look at the lovely Lexie Marlow.

By Andy Gray
July 02, 2017

PSA: How to properly flush a toilet

Just when I think I have life figured out, along comes the realization that I've been "shooting aerosolised feces into the air" every time I flush a toilet. Here's how you properly flush.

The 25 most re-watchable movies of all time

FiveThirtyEight put out their list of the 25 most rewatchable movies of all time and let me just give you my omissions: Oceans 11, Revenge of the Nerds, Vacation, European Vacation, Good Will Hunting, Caddyshack, Major League, Catch Me If You Can and (my personal favorite) Coming to America. Also worth noting: I've never seen Star Wars so I might not be the best resource to criticize this list.

Well worth the $10,000

Jazz forward Joe Ingles signed a four-year, $52 million contract to stay in Utah and immediately put the money to good use. The Australia native dropped $10,000 on a pair of high-tech glasses so his biggest fan (who is legally blind at age 7) can watch him play.

Lovely Lady of the Day

Lexie Marlow is a Texas native who keep a spotless home, enjoys a good spa and is "excellent at hula hooping." These are strong qualifications for a LLOD. She gets today's honors (click for full-size gallery). 

McLovin fan meets McLovin

Christopher Mintz-Plasse, the actor who played Fogel (a.k.a. McLovin) in Superbad attended the Electric Forest Festival and befriended a man with a McLovin sign. It was quite a moment.

One way to spend $10,000

Who doesn't want a bikini made of real pizza?

Speaking of wasted money

A couple in England spent over $5,000 on a wedding for two of their dogs.

Tall guy, small guy

LeBron scared everyone out of the Eastern Conference

Gronk vs. MJ

Odds & ends

The Mets admitted that signing Tim Tebow was partly for marketing ... A-Rod and J-Lo are now engaged, at least according to one publication ... Grading the NBA's under-the-radar deals so far this offseason ... Serge Ibaka has set the record straight: He is not from the jungle ... Saturday was not a great night for the sport of boxing ... Dodgers fans are going to love this quote by closer Kenley Jansen ... Here are the 2017 MLB All-Star Game participants ... Joe Thornton signed his new contract while riding a lawnmower ... The guy behind the disastrous Fyre Festival is facing 20 years in prison ... Google Doodle is excited for the start of Wimbledon.

Great moments in lacrosse celebrations

Kenny Omega's biggest fan is not who you'd expect

Happy belated Canada Day

Send nudes please

Ex's and Oh's

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