Tuesday's Hot Clicks: Victoria Ku; Ezekiel Elliott and the Cowboys Love Triangle

In Tueday's Hot Clicks, we look at the Cowboys love triangle. Plus a feature on the lovely Victoria Ku.
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Ezekiel Elliot case gets trashy


As Ezekiel Elliott fights his six-game suspension, a little Cowboys soap opera has been revealed. According to the Dallas Morning News, Elliot's accuser, Tiffany Thompson, also had a relationship with former Cowboy Lucky Whitehead during the 2016 season. Not only did they have a relationship, but Thompson sent Elliot screenshots of hotel reservations just to rub it in. I feel bad for Whitehead, though. In the past three months, he's been falsely arrested for shoplifting, saw his dog kidnapped and was just cut by the Jets.

Jeff Van Gundy is still a good basketball coach

Jeff Van Gundy is my favorite NBA broadcaster, so I'm not upset that he's chosen to stay in the booth instead of pursuing another coaching job. But he is coaching a group of G-League (formerly known as the D-League) stars for the 2017 FIBA AmeriCup. And the team won gold last night after erasing a 20-point deficit to Argentina. And since you asked, this is what Van Gundy looked like with hair.

Today in weird sideline gimmicks

Congrats to Tennessee and coach Butch Jones on a memorable comeback win over Georgia Tech. Now please lose the cheesy trash can on the sideline gimmick so the country can stop making fun of you.

Lovely Lady of the Day

Returning to work after a long weekend is never fun, but hopefully today's LLOD Victoria Ku can help ease the transition (click for full-size gallery).

Fast food bacon ratings

This is very well done. I was pleasantly surprised with McDonald's and Checkers.

Ten worst foods for your heart

Nothing to do with the item above. I swear!

Science has spoken

Troy Aikman life update

Aaron Rodgers, Plumber

Odds & Ends

Marlins Man explained how he helped break up a fight at the Red Sox-Yankees game ... Ice Cube's Big3 basketball league was hit with a $250 million lawsuit ... Roger Federer is a really good guy (example No. 367) ... ‚ÄčJ.D. Martinez joined the four home runs in one game club ... It's been a terrible weekend for Tigers outfielder MikieMahtook ... I like DimitriPayet. More athletes should embrace being d**kheads ... Shimmying Tennessee fan is my new favorite thing ... If the wife and I decide to have a baby, I want no one to know just like this couple ... Ten NYC hotels you can book for under $100 ... Sign this petition to replace the Columbus Statue with one of Prince.

This is filthy

Von Miller shows off ballet moves

Ohio State-Indiana game review

I've decided to embed YouTube user @fzappa20's reviews of Ohio State and Cleveland Brown football games this fall because he's hysterical and deserves more publicity. Here's the first.

Happy Birthday Elena Delle Donne

Always wondered about this

Random song I really like

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