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Wednesday's Hot Clicks: Joel Embiid Does Not Want Ben Simmons Fighting Him for Rebounds

The hot mic picked up Joel Embiid letting out some anger after he took an elbow going for a rebound.

The hot mic tells on everybody

Early in the third quarter of Tuesday's game between the 76ers and Clippers, Philadelphia teammates Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons had a collision.

While going up for a rebound, Embiid took an elbow to the face from Simmons and he was not pleased.

Thankfully, the people in charge of NBA games decided we need microphones on the rim of every basket, so we could all hear Embiid letting out his frustration about the inadvertant contact.

Luckily, the 76ers won, so Embiid didn't have to take an elbow from his teammate and an L on the court on the same night. But still, it's got to be pretty frustrating to have a teammate hit you in the face when you're trying to get possession of the ball.

Who ok'd this meetup?

I get that animals are cute and it's even cuter when two animals that shouldn't be together are together, but we seriously should have applied a little bit of thought to this one.

I feel like every cartoon ever told us that large cattle with horns are not safe when they are staring at red. So maybe trying to have Bevo and Uga pose for a photoshoot wasn't the smartest idea.

Like, at least get Uga a black sweater for this one time.

Or, maybe don't try to have two animals hang out in a crowded stadium surrounded by people with cameras in a confined space while thousands of other people scream as loud as they can inside a dome. There's probably better place to get that picture.

It's just a thought.

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Who doesn't love a good spoiler?

Now that's a plot twist

A good song

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