Nick Bosa Tormented Baker Mayfield With Two Sacks, Some Trash Talk and a Clever Celebration

In Tuesday’s Hot Clicks: Nick Bosa gets revenge on Baker Mayfield, Andre Drummond shows off a new skill and much more.
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Nick Bosa went there

49ers' Nick Bosa celebrates vs. Cleveland Browns

It’s been two years since Baker Mayfield walked into Nick Bosa’s home stadium and announced his team’s championship aspirations with a legendary performance. Bosa wasn’t about to let what happened in Columbus repeat itself in Santa Clara last night, though.  

Bosa’s 49ers thoroughly embarrassed the Browns on national TV, winning 31–3 in a total offensive and defensive domination. Bosa got his revenge in more ways than one. 

Mayfield had easily the worst game of his NFL career (8-for-22 passing for 100 yards with two interceptions and no touchdowns) as the Browns managed just 180 yards of total offense. 

Bosa spent the whole night terrorizing Mayfield. He hit the quarterback five times and sacked him twice. To add insult to injury, after bringing down Mayfield at the end of the first half, Bosa taunted Mayfield with a celebration referencing the former Sooner’s legendary flag-planting at Ohio Stadium after he beat Bosa’s Buckeyes in 2017. 

Bosa told reporters that he started planning the celebration last week during the Niners’ bye. He mentioned the idea to Bengals pass rusher Sam Hubbard (another OSU product), who said he was planning on doing the same thing if he sacked Mayfield in one of their two meetings this season. Bosa even went as far as to practice it in his bedroom. 

The taunt didn’t bother Mayfield too much, though. He didn’t even know Bosa had done the celebration until after the game. 

But the flag-planting celebration wasn’t the only way Bosa tried to get in Mayfield’s head. He said after the game that he’s not usually much of a trash talker but made an exception for the cocky quarterback. 

“I was just screaming his name like, ‘Baaaker. Baaaker. You good? Pick it up. We want a challenge,’” Bosa told reporters.

It must have been rough for Baker to get beaten at his own game. 

Are you kidding me, Andre? 

Every September, NBA players come back from their summer vacations with a new skill they’re looking to show off, like James Harden’s one-footed jumper. Well, here’s the new dimension to Andre Drummond’s game.

Drummond, who used to be the NBA’s worst free-throw shooter (35.5% in 2015-16), dabbled a little bit with the long ball last year. Excluding seven desperate heaves from more than 40 feet away, Drummond was 5-for-31 from three, or 16.1%. Of his 1,052 shots, 77.4% were from five feet or less. Maybe stick to layups.

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