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Ryan Clark Calls Out Baker Mayfield for Social Media Activity, Response to Criticisms

NFL analyst and former defensive back Ryan Clark criticized Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield for his social media activity, and he and didn’t mince words. Mayfield was widely criticized for penning a letter to Cleveland fans thanking them for their support while playing for the Browns with the letter reading like a goodbye to the franchise even though he’s still on the team

This also follows ESPN’s Chris Mortensen’s reporting that the franchise wants “an adult” at the quarterback position on a Wednesday edition of SportsCenter. Cleveland has reportedly been ruled out as one of Deshaun Watson’s possible landing spots, and it was reported by NFL Network on Thursday that Mayfield returning for the team is still possible. 

“Are we shocked?” Clark asked. “I’m not really sure what my reaction is supposed to be. What Chris Mortensen said seems extremely relevant to me. Seems extremely true when you think about Baker Mayfield and who he has been at the quarterback position — not only what he’s done on the grass — but also the way he’s always approached criticism from outside the building.” 

Former NFL receiver Steve Smith also ripped Mayfield and said, “I led the league in something besides crying.” Mayfield has a history of engaging with critics–including former NFL coach Rex Ryan–and dismissing Browns fans for booing him during a poor performance

“Those are probably the same fans who won’t be quiet on offense when we’re trying to operate,” Mayfield said in November. “So [I] don’t really care.”

Mayfield threw for 3,010 yards, 17 touchdowns and 13 interceptions in his 14 appearances during the 2021 season. He played through a torn labrum in his shoulder for most of the season along with a bone bruise on his knee and a bruised heel at one point.

“If you want to be seen as an adult, if you want to be seen as a leader, you have to conduct yourself in certain ways,” Clark said. “And sending out messages that you don’t want to be messages that aren’t saying anything but that are saying everything: That ain’t the way.” 

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