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Better Fantasy Football WR: DeAndre Hopkins or Michael Thomas?

Michael Thomas or DeAndre Hopkins: Who is the better fantasy wide receiver? The numbers don't lie.

New Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins caused a stir on Thursday when he said he was the best wide receiver in the NFL. Hopkins made the point to state that other big-time NFL receivers have the luxury of playing with top quarterbacks, which he didn't get to prior to his time with Deshaun Watson in Houston. 

New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas has been vocal about his claim as the top wide receiver in the NFL, and his numbers back it up. Saints insider Kyle Mosley dropped this nugget about Thomas: "Michael Thomas is confident in his talent and ability. He should be confident." 

He is right that Thomas should be proud of his accomplishments and he can point to the numbers to back it up. We as fantasy players know numbers don't lie. 

In 2019, Thomas broke the single-season reception record with 149 catches. He also had more than 1,700 receiving yards. But that's just one year. In Thomas' four NFL seasons, he's had at least 92 receptions every season. 

Hopkins brought up the point that Thomas catches passes from future Hall of Famer Drew Brees. That is true, but Thomas' real value comes from how many targets he gets. That shows that his quarterback trusts him and that defenders can't guard him. Thomas was targeted 185 times last season. 

Brees missed six games last year but even that didn't stop Thomas. Hopkins may very well be a more talented athlete, but for fantasy football players Thomas is clearly the top wide receiver in the NFL, and that's with no disrespect to Hopkins.