Top 15 Dynasty QB Rookie Rankings: I Have Jordan Love Ahead of Justin Herbert!

Which rookie quarterbacks will carry your dynasty fantasy squads to glory? SI Fantasy Insider Matt De Lima reveals his rankings for this year's QB class.
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The dynasty format elevates fantasy football by making the game more closely resemble the real world. There’s no reset button every season. Your decisions have lasting consequences and benefits that ripple out for years into the future.

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1. Joe Burrow - Bengals - Age: 23

After taking the college football world by storm, Burrow will take a crack at the pros. Surrounded by a better-than-expected-since-they-had-the-first-pick supporting cast, the sky’s the limit. One big concern for me is we’re dealing with a one-year wonder. Sure, it was legitimately the greatest collegiate QB season of all-time; however, all this hot air coming from scouts, executives, the media, his grandma, etc could over-inflate that ego. I don’t know if you remember being 23 years old, but I would go months, nay, sometimes even years without a compliment. Now the whole world loves Burrow (until he throws his first interception). This criticism boils down to “he’s human” and that’s something we all have to overcome to succeed.

2. Tua Tagovailoa - Dolphins - Age: 22

Remember about 12 months ago when Tagovailoa was the best thing since sliced bread? You heard all the lefty comparisons from Steve Young to Mike Vick to Ken Stabler to the football equivalent of Sandy Koufax. Those are all still true in spirit; it’s just that nobody saw Burrow dominating as he did. One serious hip injury later, the hype has mostly died down for Tagovailoa. That’s only a fair assessment if you ignore everything that happened prior to his injury and also assume the worst moving forward. The Dolphins may not be as good on paper, on the field, on Madden, or that time they made the Super Bowl in Ace Ventura! Yet Tagovailoa has to be just as promising as Kyler Murray because that’s how terrific he was for the Crimson Tide. We’re just taking him for granted because we want there to be one guy, one stud QB, one Tom Brady. There can be two great ones in one class. So get used to thinking there’s two elite QBs in this one! I’d be more than happy with either Burrow or Tagovailoa on my dynasty squad.

3. Jordan Love - Packers - Age: 21

“How can you put Jordan Love ahead of Justin Herbert?! Herbert has a much more direct path to playing time!” 

Listen imaginary friend, I told you to stop yelling at me! Love gets the nod here over Herbert because well, I just don’t think Herbert is all that good and Tyrod Taylor is one so-so game away from losing his job. Love should get to enjoy two years marinating on the bench behind Aaron Rodgers. Pretty sweet gig. I assume that if you are drafting either Love or Herbert, you don’t have a pressing need for a starter in your dynasty league. So, with a long-view in mind, I’ll take a slow-cooked Love over a microwaved-on-high-for-30-seconds Herbert.

4. Justin Herbert - Chargers Age: 22

See Love write-up. See Justin “microwaved-on-high-for-30-seconds” Herbert.

5. Jalen Hurts - Eagles - Age: 21

I really liked Hurts as a prospect, but I’m waffling a bit on his landing spot. I’m not a believer in Carson Wentz. While it may be good for Hurts’ development to get some starts here and there early in his career since Wentz does tend to miss a game or two, I worry about that catastrophic injury potential Wentz battles with that would ultimately push Hurts onto the field too quickly. 

In contrast, Jacob Eason’s situation is very favorable since, like Love, Eason will have a year or two to redshirt and be groomed by an NFL coaching staff. It’s the guys who aren’t quite good enough who have to start right away that seem to get shell-shocked.. I’m going to avoid making any Randall Cunningham comparisons (okay, maybe I just did), but Hurts showed a real cannon for an arm at the NFL Combine. I really enjoyed the way he slung it and he said all the right things this offseason. Plus, he has above-average agility and can extend plays. That’s really the key in today’s NFL. I’m rooting for him and sometimes that’s enough for a small boost in my ranks.

6. Jacob Eason - Colts - Age: 22

7. Jake Fromm - Bills - Age: 21

8. Nate Stanley - Vikings - Age: 22

9. Anthony Gordon - Seahawks - Age: 23

10. Jake Luton - Jaguars - Age: 24

11. Tommy Stevens - Saints - Age: 23

12. James Morgan - Jets - Age: 23

13. Steven Montez - Redskins - Age: 23

14. Cole McDonald - Titans - Age: 22

15. Ben DiNucci - Cowboys - Age: 23