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2022 Fantasy Baseball Rankings & Projections: Top 400 Hitters by SIscore

Forget the lockout! We're ready to gear up our prep for the 2022 fantasy baseball season!

The development of SIscore started with the theory around average player scores. When drafting, it is challenging to determine a baseball player’s value when you have multiple positions in the fantasy baseball market, never mind numerous scoring categories. The average player theory is a way to compare a player’s value for overall impact in team-building in 5 X 5 roto formats and within the spectrum of each position or category.

Once we have a baseline of the average player, we can determine which players have the most significant edge. After establishing these scores at each position, the next step is then comparing the best option at other positions.

Each season, the player pool changes in the fantasy baseball world. Some positions will have more depth, and others will only have a couple of reliable options. Therefore, when a fantasy owner is preparing to do his draft prep, he wants to find each position's hidden values. He can select the most potent options at the other positions early in the draft by doing this.

Sports Illustrated has developed a way to determine each player’s value with each category relevant to their production. For example, hitters have five offensive categories (batting average, runs, home runs, RBI, and stolen bases). Pitchers also have five categories (wins, ERA, WHIP, strikeouts, and saves).

To read more details about SIscores, click here.

Note: These spreadsheets vary by appearance depending on the device and browser you use. Due to the size and dimensions of the projections, it may be best to download the file. We recommend using Google Docs, Microsoft Excel or any spreadsheet-compatible app/program to view.

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2022 Fantasy Baseball Rankings

Top 400 Hitters by SIscore


Updated: January 11, 2022

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