Miami Dolphins Fantasy Football Preview

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In 2019, wide receiver Devante Parker was the only viable fantasy football player from the Dolphins but that looks like it will change in 2020. For starters, Miami drafted Tua Tagovailoa with the fifth overall pick in the NFL Draft. 

They also signed running back Jordan Howard and traded for rusher Matt Breida. Last season, Miami’s offense scored just 34 touchdowns which were eight lowest in the NFL. But with the new additions to the roster, the players from the Dolphins could be an excellent buy-low opportunity in fantasy football. Sports Illustrated’s fantasy analyst Shawn Childs joined AllDolphins editor Alain Poupart and discussed Miami’s fantasy football outlook for 2020.

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Bill Enright:  The Miami Dolphins added a lot of new offensive weapons to their arsenal in this offseason by drafting Tua Tagovailoa, bringing in Jordan Howard and Matt Breida to their backfield. Let's break down how it all looks in Miami from a fantasy football perspective. For that, I go to fantasy and gambling analyst Shawn Childs and Dolphins reporter Alain Poupart. Alain, I'll start with you. Let's talk about Tua and let's talk about these wide receivers because we know Davante Parker had a breakout season in 2019. Talking about five years do so. And we don't know when two will actually get on the field. But for a fantasy perspective, let's discuss these players for a little bit.


Alain Poupart: Well, as you mentioned, Devante Parker had a fabulous year last year, as he said throughout the season. All he needed to do was stay healthy, which he did play 16 games for the first time in his career and he ended up leading all the AFC wide receivers and both receiving yards and touchdown catches. No question now, of course, is can he do it again for a second consecutive year? There's no reason to think he can't. The tools are all there. The guy is just a really, really physically gifted wide receiver. And for him, it's always been a question of staying healthy. As far as Tua is concerned, well, the big question is when exactly is he going to get into the lineup? The expectation is that Ryan Fitzpatrick will be the starting quarterback at the start of the 2020 season, even though nothing has been said to that effect. But that's just a logical assumption based on Fitzpatrick's experience and the fact that Tua is a rookie. But at some point, you figure, Tua will get into the lineup exactly when that's going to happen. That remains to be seen. It might depend on a couple of factors, including the team's one loss record and how well Fitzpatrick is playing. 

Bill Enright: Shawn let me go over to you because last year the Dolphins traded the way Kenyan Drake, who became one of the best fantasy football running backs in the second half of the year. And now Miami has two new rushers in their backfield in Jordan Howard and Matt Breida. Where are you making of these two backs? 

Shawn Childs: It was interesting when they saying Jordan Howard because you actually thought that Miami would add another running back, maybe a little more pass catcher in the draft to kind of be a complimentary back there. But it didn't end up happening. But they did get a trade in the second day and get Matt Brito, who really gives them a kind of a speed guy with some catching ability to offset Jordan Howard, which will be a power guy. You know, last year he held off Meile seniors over the beginning of the year before ending the last seven games on the shelf with a shoulder injury over three or four years in the league. 


He's been really, really productive. Had over a thousand yards, two and a 50, carries plenty of times. He's a guy that's going to score touchdowns, get the early-down action, probably. I got him down from nine hundred fifty yards, maybe five touchdowns. Twenty-two catches, kind of a mid-road running back because Miami's really got to prove a lot on offense, especially their offensive line struggle. Last year they ranked down the bottom of the league in rushing. As far as Bredar, he's really going to be special when he can get in the open field. They hope the key here is Kenny Kenny, push forward to be that pass. Get him back where you can maybe get closer to forty, fifty catches. He can catch some, but he hasn't. It obviously got pushed out of the way in San Francisco's rotation last year. So I like Bredar, I like Howard, both of them. And I think Miami's offensive line will kind of develop as the season goes along and when to he gets in there. I think the offense is going to be, you know, show growth as the season goes along. So to steady guys for me at running back.

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